Mothers have to move

Who helps her move after she gives birth?

There is an underlying expectation for mothers to figure it out on their own and for her to ask for help if she needs it. Sometimes she is brave enough to ask, sometimes the help she receive leaves her lost, and sometimes she is too embarrassed to say what is happening. 

After a mother gives birth she may receive a couple home visits or phone calls. During those handful of visits she will be expected to ask all of her questions she has, and most of them will be spent on baby. For most, they might finally remember to ask about returning to exercise at their follow up check up at 6- 10 weeks. 

Again, the underlying expectation is just figure it, maybe with the advice to take it easy and just start with walking. 

Many will try, they may be discouraged with their bodies because they used to be able to walk that far no problem. They may be embarrassed that they leaked trying a squat. Some may be so tired the thought of going to an hour class is overwhelming.  

This was my experience. I thought I had enough knowledge to get myself back to an activity level I enjoyed and was I ever hit in the face with reality. It was not only the physical challenges but the emotional and mental ones we deal with as a new mom that became barriers to moving. 

I needed help and support to guide me through returning to exercise postpartum. And all mothers deserve help after forever changing their bodies to bring new life into this world. So what if…

  • What if we actually focused on the mother’s health that first year postpartum?
  • What if that care included all moms being referred to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist and a postnatal fitness special first? 
  • What if took care of a mom’s physical health, what would that do for her mental health? 

This is my why for my work, I want to change how we care for postpartum mothers and want them to expect to be taken care of and given adequate support she needs to enjoy her new life with baby instead of struggling to get help and becoming frustrated. 

We can do better for you moms, and we will.

Why MYP Active is here

Why did you start MYP Active?

The short answer is clients started moving away and I wanted to be able to continue helping them with their exercise programs. Technology is a wonderful thing when you can use it to stay connected.

The long answer has taking me awhile to put into words that make sense. After working in both healthcare and the fitness industry, there were parts that just did not align with my exercise and movement philosophy. I needed an outlet that used both my education and years of experience to really help people build a healthy relationships with exercise.

Here is my why:

  1. I believe exercise is for EVERY body. It does not matter your age, size, or ability, we can build you a flexible exercise program that will work for you.
  2. I believe exercise programming is not one size fits all. Your life, your responsibilities, your barriers will affect the type of exercise program you can actually commit to and these things will change and you can adapt.
  3. I believe exercise has the most benefits if you are honest with yourself and choose the exercises you most enjoy and that match your current abilities. Will there be some exercise that aren’t your favourite? For sure, but the bulk of your programming should be enjoyable, and built with your input in creating it.
  4. I believe that the time you spend doing moderate to vigorous exercise is far more important than the number on your scale. Your weight does not tell me your health, it tells me your weight.
  5. I believe your overall health includes many aspects (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), and sometimes you will need to spend more time and effort on one than the other. Decreasing or stepping away from exercise when your mental health needs more attention is OK.
  6. I believe the best approach to helping someone is knowing when you aren’t the right person they need right now. I will happily refer you to other health professionals if needed and also very open to working as a part of a team if that will serve you best.
  7. I believe that exercise should be accessible to everyone so please reach out. We can find an option that will work for you and I offer free community classes when there is enough interest.

If parts of my why make you feel better when thinking about exercise, send me a message, I would love to hear from you.